Lodge Farm First Wedding of 2019 – Amanda and Tom

On Saturday the 5th of May Lodge Farm hosted the first wedding of the season with the nuptials of gorgeous Amanda and Tom – and what a way to kick off the summer!

The weather posed a significant hurdle to the lodge farm team, with early wind, rain and (horizontal) hail threatening to halt all outside festivities, including the ceremony! Remaining in high spirits, the Lodge Farm team and the Lim and Gillespie families bided their time and kept all fingers and toes crossed for a clearing… and as if by magic, the clouds parted and the most glorious window of sunshine beamed down onto the lawn!

Guests and chairs were rapidly assembled and to the joy of all involved, Amanda and Tom had their dream of an outdoor wedding realised, in the most touching ceremony. As is always the case at the lodge, the stars aligned to bring everything together in the end!

Following the stunning ceremony, guests were ushered under the Celeste Pole Marquee where they were able to enjoy welcome drinks of bubbles, beers and spritz! No longer exposed to the elements which quickly closed in, the wedding festivities then commenced at full swing.

As the day guests enjoyed a delicious wedding breakfast and were moved to laughter and tears in a cracking set of speeches. With bellies filled, and wine flowing then came the piece de resistance. The most rock-star moment in Lodge Farm history, entering the stage, the one and only Beverley Knight began to perform.

Lambasting tunes such as IIIIIII’mmmmmm every wooomaaaaaan and I have nothiiiiing, Beverley well and truly brought the house (or should we say marquee?) down. It took all our strength of our staff not to storm the dance floor and begin our own conga line! Please come back Beverley…

Dancing the night away, sipping the newly stocked and ever popular pink gin from our very own Tipsy Pony bar, love and joy filled the marquee to the early hours.

We couldn’t be happier to begin the season in this truly spectacular way and are every thankful to the Lim and Gillespie families for their relaxed, humorous and easygoing approach to their wedding. Without their smiles, positivity and ability to see the good in what could have been a disastrous weather situation, we are sure the wedding could not have been such a roaring success.

Lastly but not leastly, a big old thanks to the tireless team at Lodge Farm who worked hard to ensure a breezy (pun intended) and smooth running of what turned out to be a magnificent wedding. One down – 19 more to go!